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The Guts
Poker Table

  The Racetrack
Poker Table
  The Revelation
Poker Table
  The Genesis
Poker Table
  Professional Camera Poker Table
Starts at $775   Starts at $999
   Starts at $1049    Starts at $1200   Starts at $6995

The basics of what you need for a poker table.


The basics with additional ledge that sets off beautiful gaming area.


Our original design curves out to reveal more line of sight between players.


Our own unique design and our most popular table!  The Lighted Genesis starts at $1899


Our unique design, hole cams, recording & audio equipment.

Lucky Leahy's "Guts" Style Custom Poker Table  

Lucky Leahy's "Racetrack" Style Custom Poker Table

  Lucky Leahy's "Revelation" Style Custom Poker Table   Lucky Leahy's "Genesis" Style Custom Poker Table   Professional Custom Poker Tables with Cameras, Audio, and Recording Equipment 
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From individual poker enthusiasts to casinos, Lucky Leahy’s custom poker tables are affordable, high quality, unique, and can be custom built just for you!

Whether it's a basic poker table or one of our customizable deluxe poker tables, we have the table you want at the best price in the country. Tell us what you want and we will give you a personal quote for the poker or game table of your dreams!

Our innovative designs range from the basic poker table design to full, camera operating poker tables and lighted player positions.  Our custom poker tables have been overwhelmingly praised by both amateurs and professional card players.

Options for your custom poker table can include: 

One of Our Latest Success Stories:

I've built my own table and played on alot of others, but it was time to have the table I've only dreamed of building. But who was going to build this high quality table I envisioned and not leave me feeling like I was involved in a bad beat? 

So I started researching everywhere. I contacted Big Slick, BBO, 916 Poker Depot, Rye Poker and many more….  I kept coming across Lucky Leahy's Poker Tables and the more I looked the more I kept going back to their site. I really liked their work, so I ended up calling and talking with Ted who approached me in a way that was definitely not a sales pitch or high pressure (I hate that). It was more from one player to another talking about poker and what I wanted to see in my table from graphics to shape to functionality.…

So I started to email some ideas off to him in hopes that he could see where I was coming from. He actually took the time to listen and create something with me.  I have to tell you Ted, I can't believe you didn't give up on me. I know I can be a little high maintenance - lol.

This all started October 15th with my first contact with Lucky Leahy's poker table owner Ted Leahy.  Wow, am I happy I made that call and stuck with it. For the next few weeks we emailed design ideas for the graphics back and forth and by Nov 8th I knew I wanted Lucky Leahy's to bring this table to life. The table took production November 15th and was shipped November 18th to Canada. I received it November 26th. My nick name is "River", so I told Ted he should call this the "Lighted River Revelation".  The table shows up crated so well and not a scratch on the shipment.  I thought the pictures that Ted sent throughout the process were fantastic, till I saw the table in person. If a picture is worth a thousand words, …then the actual table was worth a million. This is a fine piece of craftsmanship and a table to be desired.  I had my first game on it the next day. The comments were non-stop… I love it. Thank you to Lucky Leahy's Poker Tables, Ted and your guys. This really meant a lot to have my dream table become a reality.


River (Canada)

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Lucky Leahys Demo Camera Table

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Lucky Leahys Demo Camera Table
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